A Mom’s Best Friend

A Mom’s Best Friend

There are only so many train combinations one can build with a Lego set before your toddler starts to see through your creative side. Even in the crisper mornings both mom and toddler feel energized by the fresh air and physical exertion it takes to walk across campus. Depending on the quantity of fallen leaves to be trampled and number of ducks on the pond the very walk itself can provide half a morning’s activities.

John and I enjoy our trips to the library, fairly early in the morning. We arrive and un-bundle ourselves, and squeeze into an armchair or sprawl out on the sofa in the reading corner and enjoy five minutes of respite.

Having a place to go that requires no car keys, diaper bag and other paraphernalia that accompanies our outings makes a trip to the library an inviting prospect. Sometimes I even manage to get my book open while John flicks through pictures of “choo choos.”

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