Bracketology with Becky Frank

Bracketology with Becky Frank

Well, the results are in. After an intense round of voting, the round 1 winners and losers have been decided in the Rolfing Library’s annual Book Madness Challenge (see here for a full list of winners). Which winners surprised you? Let’s take a closer look at some of the match-ups, and look ahead to Round 2.

On the fiction side, most of the match-ups played out just as expected, with the higher seeded team winning 13 of 16 match-ups. Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter both had shut-outs in their matches, and the competition in most of the other match-ups was pretty much non-existent, with most books scoring a margin of victory of about 20 votes. The nail-biters? Green vs. Chbosky. At the last minute, Green (Fault in Our Stars) pulled ahead for a 28-23 victory over Chbosky (The Perks of Being a Wallflower), stunning this librarian, who watched the votes coming in with increasing incredulity. Coming from behind, White’s Charlotte’s Web (#7) knocked off Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar in a stunning defeat. I don’t think anyone saw that one coming. This could be a book to watch!

Moving over to non-fiction, the matches were not so straight-forward. Almost all submitted brackets pegged VanHoozer and Carson to dominate their opponents, but when the votes came in, the scores were not the shut-outs one might have expected (39-11 and 35-15, respectively). Augustine’s The City of God, however, did dominate, with a score of 50-1 against John Chrysostom’s In Praise of Saint Paul (big surprise there, right?) Other match-ups of note- In a wild turn of events, #8 seed The Journal of John Wesley blew #1 seed The Autobiography of Malcolm X out of the water, and #6 American Sniper crushed #3 Consolation of Philosophy.

So as we move in to round 2 (voting ends Sunday at 11:45pm,) which match-ups should we pay close attention to? I am watching the match-up between Tolkien and Rowling with special interest (I know which I think will win, but I’ve been surprised before) and the match-up between Journal of John Wesley and Twelve Years a Slave. These two match-ups could be a lot closer than you might think. Looking forward, I predict the final two will come down to Augustine or Carson on the non-fiction side, and Tolkien or Seuss on the fiction. Who really knows how it will all play out though? Perhaps Wesley or Charlotte’s Web will be this year’s Cinderella book, making it much farther than anyone might have expected.

What are your thoughts? Do you see any upcoming matches that concern you? Have you cast your votes yet?

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