One Series to Rule them All

One Series to Rule them All

The Lord of the Rings series by J.R. Tolkien has amassed high acclaim and recognition around the world, even more so after the release of the movies in the early 2000s.  Of course I had heard of them, but I clung tightly to my love of Harry Potter (like any true Potterhead would), and declared them to be of no value to me. I had no intention of ever reading the books or watching the movies; that is until I received an invitation to view them with a few classmates at Dr. Fratt’s house. The next logical question to ask is, of course, “Why?”

I’ve already noted my strong devotion to the Harry Potter series and well, I can say, it keeps me occupied. Even when my friends and family raved about LOTR, I just sat, content and continued on with my neglect. I severely doubted anything else other than HP could captivate me. I regret my mindset and I’ve done the same thing countless times with other series (i.e. Hunger Games vs. Divergent).

I figured I had nothing to lose that Friday night. I didn’t have any plans and as a college student who doesn’t enjoy a nice night without any obligations, so I agreed; not reluctantly but just on a whim. When I settled down in the living room with my classmates and professor, I felt comfortable. So, here I was, enjoying watching a movie and engaging with others…for three hours, how delightful. As the movie began I naturally compared opening for opening, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone with The Fellowship of the Ring. But I’ll skip to the end.

The movie was great! I marveled at the plot line and the intricacies of each detail. A single ring, “My precious, my love”, changed the fate of so many and how the power it embodied unified such a vast expanse of individuals. I can say with high enthusiasm that I am ready to see the next movie LOTR: Two Towers, I just have to figure out when I have the time (confessions of a college student).

I need to finish this series (words I never thought I’d say) and I’m heading to the library to check the movies out. Not only do I want to watch the movies but I am interested in reading the series as well. The Rolfing Library has these materials and much more. I advise anyone to come check out the collection and take a chance on LOTR or any other movies and books available. A great way to experience new things is making use of the resources available at our library. Interlibrary loan is also available if Rolfing doesn’t have what you need. There’s a high chance another library in the network has it. That’s all folks.

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