How To Spend Less on Textbooks

How To Spend Less on Textbooks

“Congratulations, I am pleased to inform you of your acceptance into Trinity International University…” After receiving this letter and jumping up and down with feelings of elation reality settles in. Adulthood is on the cusp and financial pressure rises.

College is expensive and one of the most overlooked expenses is the cost of textbooks. Depending on where you purchase books and their quality, prices can range from $500 to $2000 for one year of college. That’s a lot of your summer earnings.

There is another option. Rather than giving your summer earnings to Amazon you can borrow your books. I’m not talking about from your roommate, classmate, or older sibling (although these are good alternatives) but checking out books from Rolfing Library.

The incentive of this choice is it will not cost you one cent (that is, if you make sure to return the books on time). Rolfing Library contains a good selection of textbooks. The iSHARE and ILLiad partnerships expand our collection of books further. These are partnerships with libraries across Illinois and beyond that share their library’s resources with our students. As soon as you know your textbooks for this coming year check our internal collection, then check iSHARE and if they’re not there try ILLiad.

What could the money you save be alternatively spent on? … A late night trip to Taco Bell or Denny’s, aday at Six Flags nearby in Gurnee, or a Nerf gun to terrorize all your new suite-mates; all great choices in my opinion.

Take advantage of this opportunity and you’ll save.

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