Table Talk Preview: The Relevance of Academics and Ministry

Table Talk Preview: The Relevance of Academics and Ministry

It’s election day, and I had the privilege to sit down with Dr. Dana Harris and get a preview of Thursday’s table talk. Why begin with “it’s election day”? Fair question. If you’ve been plugged in to the 24/7 conversation flowing through our various streams of communication, you’ve been exposed to buckets of information about our potential presidents.  We all must ask ourselves: what will we do with this information? How will we handle it as Christians?

In academia, you are developing a set of skills that allow you to use information responsibly. This skill set is called information literacy. Formally, information literacy is a set of abilities which help individuals recognize when information is needed and give them the ability to locate, evaluate, and use this information effectively (1).  How do these skills translate into our world where we face the pressure to respond immediately to every new piece of information?

Dr. Harris is passionate about cultivating diverse dialogue where information is handled responsibly and the truth is honored in community. Please join us as Dr. Harris leads us in a conversation about handling information in a responsible, God-honoring way.


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