Meet TIU’s Canadian Sister

Meet TIU’s Canadian Sister

This year, the Evangelical Free Church of America’s (EFCA) sister organization, the Evangelical Free Church of Canada (EFCC) marks the 100th anniversary of its first congregation this year. The first free church was formed in Enchant, Alberta in 1917. Over time, the denomination has grown to encompass over 150 congregations across Canada.

To mark this milestone, the TIU/EFCA digital collections has recently uploaded two free books to our digital collections that document the history of the EFCC and of its school (and Trinity’s sister university), Trinity Western University.


Pictured: A photograph of the original church and congregation at Enchant, Alberta, and a portrait of Rev. Carl Fosmark, early EFCC pioneer. From Fifty Years and Seventy Places.

The first work, Fifty Years and Seventy Places by Muriel Hanson (1967) was written to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the denomination. It follows the growth of the Enchant congregation and the spread of missionaries and pioneers across the country, particularly of the early EFCC leader Rev. Carl Fosmark.

The second work, On the Raw Edge of Faith by Calvin Hanson (1977?) is part memoir and part institutional history of Trinity Western University, written by its first president, Calvin Hanson. He relates how his life led him from missionary work in Japan to ultimately help fund and found a college for the Free Church in British Columbia in 1962, fifty-five years ago this year. Originally started as a junior college, TWU now boasts an undergraduate enrollment of nearly 2,000 and a graduate enrollment equal to that.

Both offer fascinating personal accounts of faith, fortitude, and missionary spirit. Trinity and the EFCA extend their congratulations to the EFCC and TWU on reaching such important milestones in their history!

For more interesting material on the Free Churches, check out our Digital Collections at Rolfing Library!

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