Trinity Yearbooks are Now Online

Trinity Yearbooks are Now Online

Have you ever thought to yourself “I wonder what Trinity used to look like, back in the day?” “What did students and seminarians do for fun? How were the dorms? The classrooms?” Well, you do not have to wonder any more.

Rolfing’s new digital collection, Trinity Yearbooks, gives you a glimpse into Trinity’s past, from its start as two small denominational schools to its present as an international university. Trinity Yearbooks currently spans from 1931 to 1964, and you can freely browse and download yearbooks from the Swedish Free Church Academy in Chicago (the Fireside), the Norwegian-Danish-run Trinity Seminary and Bible Institute in Minneapolis (the Compass), and finally the merged Trinity College in Chicago and later Deerfield (the Trinitarian).

Inside these volumes, you can read class prophecies, where classmates predicted where each other would end up down the line. Or you can find their reactions to classes, papers, and lessons, often written in a sarcastic tone. You might even stumble upon a serious reflection about what their responsibility towards the world might be after graduation.

In short, with this collection you will find all the ups and downs of going off to school and growing up, making friends and memories. About learning more about yourself, and more about your relationship with God. About the fun, silly, and serious ways in which Trinity’s students, over a century, found to occupy their time.

While the yearbooks have been scanned up until 1964, we would appreciate any student interested in the project to lend their time to scanning some of our other yearbook copies. If you want to see this collection grow, please contact the library’s reference desk at with the subject heading “Yearbook Volunteering.”

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