Since You’ve Been Gone: Three Major Changes Over the Summer

Since You’ve Been Gone: Three Major Changes Over the Summer

1. ILLIAD has been replaced by WorldShare.

The transition is complete. WorldShare does everything that ILLIAD did with a few new features. WorldShare is a platform designed give access to more resources. The first step to use WorldShare is to create an account. You can do that through our library website here. Note that there are two options for setting up an account, one for new users and another for ILLIAD users transitioning to WorldShare. Select the option that suits you. When you’re logged in, you will be able to search WorldCat and request items to be sent to the Library on your behalf, as you did with ILLIAD. Another feature of WorldShare is Document Delivery. When you are logged in to WorldShare, click on request an item. From there you can request a scan of a book or article that may or may not be in our collection and have it be emailed to you!

2. EMS is the new way to reserve rooms in the library.

We’ve tied into campus’ room reservation software, EMS. If you’d like to reserve a room, you’ll now do it online. There is a link at the very bottom of our library home page, “study rooms.” From there click reserve a room. You’ll be routed to EMS. Enter your TIU credentials and follow the steps. Use this platform to reserve any room in the library, from study rooms to the new Tech Collaboration Lab.

3. Ebrary and EBL have merged into Ebook Central.

Ebook central is an online portal to access eBooks. You will only have accessed Ebrary or EBL if you have checked out a title in our collection that is provided by either of those platforms. Our eBook collection at Rolfing is provided by multiple vendors. These vendors provide access to their unique collection of titles. The best way to search for an eBook title is through our catalog at and narrow your search on the right by eBook. Our catalog has all of our titles from all of our vendors and the eBook record will have the link that will direct you to the platform that provides you access to that particular title. Ebook Central is one of those platforms.

If you check out an eBook that is provided to us by Ebook Central, you’ll gain access to it though Ebook Central. You’ll log in with your TIU credentials, then you will be able to read the book, download a portion of it, get citations, as well as other services.


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