Adventures in the Archives: Gleason Archer Jr.

Trinity’s archives are officially known as the Gleason A. Archer Archives, in honor of an Old Testament and Semitics professor who taught at TEDS from 1965 to 1986, and served as Professor Emeritus from 1989 to 1991. Dr. Archer’s office was located in the area where the archives currently is, although the setup and walls of that area have been remodeled since then. In fact, Dr. Archer’s estate provided the funds for that area’s renovation in 2005.

Dr. Archer was born in 1916 and passed away in 2004. He taught at Fuller Theological Seminary for nearly two decades before coming to Trinity. Dr. Archer knew at least 18 languages and taught himself Egyptian hieroglyphs as a young boy. We have his typewriter in the archives, which typed in Greek. I have been told that Dr. Archer typed by only using his two index fingers!

Because of his giftedness in linguistics, Dr. Archer worked on the translation teams of both the NASB and NIV Bibles. He also served on the committee for the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy.

Dr. Archer enjoyed collecting coins and stamps. Thus, the coin collection that we have next to the computer lab in the library was actually donated by him. It contains ancient coins belonging to most of the major nations that have controlled the area around Israel throughout history: Persia, Phoenicia, Greece, the Hasmonean Dynasty, Rome, and Crusader Jerusalem.

Dr. Archer was a prolific writer. You can check out one of his many books at our library: Click Here




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