Adventures in the Archives: The Bindery

Have you ever noticed that some of the hardcover books at Trinity’s library come in unusual colors such as green, orange, or red? If they are older books, this is probably because they were once sent to the bindery. We send books to get rebound there when their binding is falling apart. We also send journals there when we want to bind several volumes together. That is why our new journals look like flimsy magazines while our older ones look like books. The newer ones have not yet been sent to the bindery.

About twenty years ago, we used to bind our books and journals in-house. This was done in the room next to the archives. The Graphic Design department has taken the typeset that was used, however, we still have the heavy metal machines used to chop the books, such as the large paper guillotine! However, there isn’t an elevator to go down to this area, so disassembling and removing the machines from the library would cost a minimum of $2,500.

Unfortunately, we no longer have the ability to witness the dying art of bookbinding first-hand. However, you can still see the remnants of the machinery used in our archives (until someone comes up with $2,500!).

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